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01. About our company

Kam Seng Food Products Industry Sdn. Bhd. is one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of ready-to-consume food products in Melaka.

Originally, it was incorporated as Kam Seng in 1972 by Andrew K.S. Yap. Our products are widely marketed in consumer sector, and a big portion of the products are being exported to Singapore.

Within thirty-five years, a small company of local significance has developed and transformed itself into one of the largest producers and distributors of ready-to-consume food products, not just in Melaka, but Malaysia as well.

With strategic and efficient material planning, Kam Seng Food is one of the very few industry players who can assure constant supply of products, even when the market is generally facing shortage of a specific ingredient.

At Kam Seng Food, only raw materials and ingredients of the highest quality are selected to optimize product quality and meet the requirements implied by today’s health-conscious consumers.

Andrew K.S Yap – Founder