Kam Seng Food is dedicated in producing a wide variety of delicious Malaysian food products such as dodol, durian cakes, gula melaka, cincaluk (chinchalok), belacan and candies. In 21st century, Kam Seng Food has further expanded its mass-appealing business scale with new range of products.

At Kam Seng Food manufacturing plant, the end-products are closely examined and certified by QC (quality control) department, and scanned through metal detector before they are distributed for commercialization to ensure consumer safety. Most of the Kam Seng Food products are readily available at hypermarkets, family stores and wholesalers throughout Malaysia. Besides end-consumers, we have also established our marketing network in over 600 business-to-business (B2B) customers in Peninsula Malaysia Singapore.

Kam Seng Food is one of the very few food producers who can assure constant supply of cincaluk throughout the whole year, regardless of fishing season.

In a nutshell, Kam Seng Food is the ultimate friend of business world, as well as the large community of end-consumers.